This is the only program out there designed to teach mamas in business how to create true wealth overflow in your business, so you have time and space to be a mom first, business owner second. 
Using tools and rituals that work with your unique energetics and personality, to move through any old stories or beliefs keeping you small — and then actually translating that into every piece of your business, for massive spaciousness + money!

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"I did the weekly money date ritual. I had no idea a spreadsheet would be such a wonderfully transformative thing for me! I took my time really envisioning what I wanted for my week and filled it out thoughtfully. The next few hours I was hearing from leads that I thought had ghosted, and people ready to book that minute, and I made more that day than I had the last few weeks! I'm trying to make note of the rituals that are really generative and expansive for me, but this one WOW. It really helped me step through to a new wealth activation set point that I don't think I let myself even want before. So good!"

— Nikki 

" I actually booked a $19k client last week, I never thought that would be possible! I definitely have less time as my priority is my child. I do the journal rituals everyday, even 5 min, and that shifted my mindset so much!" 
 — Sarah F.
“I genuinely love and am passionate about all of my offerings—I got rid of anything that doesn't bring my joy and doesn't excite me. I'm working on two custom Shopify builds with a developer right now (a children's brand and a sleepwear brand) and also signed a six month retainer contract with my packaging client (almost $20K for that one!). While still being able to have lots of time with Colton throughout the day, I'm fully booked right now through at least the end of the year with dream clients.”
 — Molly B.

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