The exact A-Z roadmap teaching you how to stay grounded and manage your mom-anger during triggering parenting moments, in the next 5 weeks!

We are opening up the doors behind the scenes — the exact framework on how we personally handle the hardest moments of parenting with toddlers and PreK kids! And we want to teach YOU how.

No more yelling, losing your cool or feeling the mom guilt after you didn't stay calm...again. 

We want you to know -> you're not a BAD MOM if you struggle to stay calm in these situations. 
You just haven't been taught the right tools. 

Just today, a mom told us:
“I keep saying I’m not going to yell. But then, in the moment, it’s like I become someone else. I snap 'WHY AREN'T YOU LISTENING?!' at my 3yo for not getting in the carseat fast enough, and I immediately feel a pit of mom guilt in my stomach.”

Listen, we know that motherhood can be really triggering. And we've supported hundreds of moms as they've navigated early motherhood. All of our clients who have cultivated the ability to STAY CALM and connect with their children during tough parenting moments have one core skill in common:

Their ability to regulate their emotions.

That's what we're here to teach you.

You are ready to stop telling yourself “I won’t yell again” and actually implement the simple & quick tools to PAUSE and regulate your own big feelings. 

It's WAY more than just taking deep breaths to "calm down."

Our science-backed framework will transform how you feel, and how you show up, as a mom.


Our simple roadmap to stop the cycle of snap -> guilt, and finally find the calm mom you want to be

A research-backed and real mom-life tested process to understanding & healing your triggers

The daily & weekly rituals to regulate yourself, in LESS THAN 1 minute, for those tricky parenting situations

Real life stories and strategies to stop yourself from yelling or snapping at your kids

What to do in the CALM moments, that makes the biggest difference in STRESSFUL moments

How to repair & connect when your emotions get the best of you (because it happens!)

The investment? Less than a Target trip -- $97.

Between Dr. Emma Levine (clinical psychologist, w/a focus on moms) and Cassie Gudmundson (toddler parent coach)... we have 5 kids under 6 and HUNDREDS of mom clients just like you. 

"I set a boundary and followed through in a calm manner. It felt so good to be able to navigate through that tantrum / tough moment without yelling." — Sydney, mom of 2 under 5

"I've been using the Playbook for myself so I can identify my triggers and stop being so reactive. I am so grateful to have something I can sink my teeth into when I feel out of my depth. After a few days I already see a difference!" — Lisa, grandma of 2 under 3

Please note: due to the digital nature of this resource, absolutely no refunds are available. 

Module 1 — Understand Why You're Angry & Triggered
Module 2 — Your Childhood Beliefs & Your Triggers
Module 3 — Say Goodbye to Mom Guilt and Shame
Module 4 — Stop Before You React In the Heat of the Moment
Module 5 — What to Do If You DO Yell / Snap


  • The complete 100+ pg. PDF GUIDE with our 5 part framework 
  • Private audio podcast with 30+ short trainings on all playbook material (listen on the go or 2x speed!)
  • Bonus: Goals & Intentions Tracker
  • Bonus: 10 Day Self Regulation Challenge
  • All templates, recordings and bonuses + ongoing upgrades for LIFETIME of the course

*No refunds are available. 

  • How does the Playbook work? What do I get?
    When you purchase, you will immediately receive an email with access to the Playbook materials, including all the private podcast feed (audio trainings) and a downloadable course PDF workbook.

    You can dive in whenever you’re ready and listen / read at your own pace. Everything is accessed in a course dashboard, an easy-to-use platform that you can access on both your computer and your phone. And you can subscribe to the Calm Mom Playbook podcast to listen on the go, from all of your devices.
  • What if I'm too busy, a working mom, etc.
    We get it! Between the two of us, we have experienced working FT, PT and being a home parent. We know you're busy. AND we know the power of shifting priorities to taking care of yourself — in the most accessible way possible (aka the Playbook content is delivered in a private podcast you can pop on anytime!)

    The content is broken into short 10-20 minute trainings. You can follow along the 5-week process OR you can go at your own pace and move more slowly. You get lifetime access, so it's really up to you.

    If this is a priority, it will fit.
  • I'm already doing deep breaths, trying to calm down and it doesn't work. Will this actually work?
    We hear this all the time, and the answer is YES. Most students see a shift within the first week. Because of the most important parts of our framework:

    - You're healing the underlying triggers & beliefs that CAUSE anger / snapping
    - You're regulating your nervous system in CALM moments, so that in tricky moments, you can actually stay regulated. You have to be doing this to see an impact, and we teach you exactly how!
  • I had the Calm Mom Workshop, do I need this?
    That's amazing! This is going to go SO MUCH DEEPER than we could in a 1hr. workshop. Think of the Workshop as the tip of the iceberg, and the Playbook is the entire thing. Plus, this has extra guidance, like a roadmap, workbook & exercises that we normally save for clients.
  • Is there a payment plan? Are there refunds?
    At the bottom of checkout, you can choose Afterpay or Klarna to do a payment plan starting around $25 / mo!

    Once you register for the program, no refunds are offered under any circumstance. Please make sure you are 100% committed!
  • How much access do I get to Cassie and Emma?
    This is a completely self-study program! You'll receive lifetime access to the complete program. Cassie and Emma sometimes teach bonus trainings to current students! There is also the option to upgrade to add on private Voxer coaching with Cassie or sessions with Dr. Emma. Reach out!
  • Is this the same as therapy with Dr. Emma?
    No, this isn't therapy. We aren't able to go into depth with more complex issues such as trauma, neurodivergence & medical situations. However, Dr. Emma does have years of clinical training in different specialties within child development & maternal mental health as a Clinical Psychologist, so she brings a LOT of those strategies into the Calm Mom Playbook, for you to practically apply at home.

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